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In early 2020, amidst the initial COVID-19 hubbub, many Australian based workers were stranded in countries all around the world.

Our client is an Australian construction company. One of its key staff members who was a Developer Programmer took annual leave to visit his family in the Philippines in mid-March 2020 for two weeks. He was then stuck in the Philippines as the Australian international border closed. Our client contacted us to seek a travel exemption to allow him to return to Australia.

How did Kah Lawyers help him?

Kah Lawyers argued that the Developer Programmer should be granted a travel exemption on the basis that he was a ‘non-citizen with critical skills’. This was a category that the Australian Border Force was willing to consider granting travel exemptions for. A Developer Programmer is on the Medium Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), and we argued that his expertise was critically needed by his employer to help the company stay competitive during this time of economic downturn.

The Australian Border Force granted the travel exemption for the skilled Developer Programmer and he was able to enter Australia and resume work for our relieved client.

If you are a temporary visa holder with critical skills and you require assistance with requesting a travel exemption to travel to Australia to commence or resume employment, please contact Kah Lawyers for a telephone or video conference.

If your business currently employs a temporary visa holder who is stranded overseas and requires assistance with travelling to Australia, please contact Kah Lawyers to discuss your matter.


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