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Conveyancing Services Sydney

Property can be your biggest investment and asset. The process can be tedious and complex and our team is highly trained to deal with all types of property transactions.

Whether it is buying or selling, Kah Lawyers aim for a  hassle-free transaction for our clients. Kah Lawyers has a client base ranging from individuals purchasing their first home to companies acquiring commercial property. The firm caters to the specific needs of each client and ensures that all transactions are completed efficiently.

Kah Lawyers offers the following conveyancing services:

  • Preparation of Contract for Sale of Land for residential and commercial property;
  • Preparation of mortgages and discharge of mortgages;
  • Preparation and review of residential and commercial leases;
  • Property settlements for residential and commercial properties

We have partnered with PEXA for e-Conveyancing property transaction working towards a digital future. E-Conveyancing is simple, safe and secure online transaction associated with your property transaction.

What are some benefits of e-Conveyancing?

No more manual process
Your appointed solicitor ensures all documents are checked online and validated before settlement

Timely Settlement
You no longer need to draw cheques on settlement which saves you money and time. Transaction are checked online and settlement normally occurs on scheduled date and time.

Peace of Mind
Correct and validated documents are lodged instantly with the Land Registry.