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Refugee Visas & Immigration Australia

Australia’s Humanitarian Program offers a range of options to those seeking refugee status in Australia while onshore or offshore. The program is developed to allow Australia to respond effectively to worldwide humanitarian conditions and allow avenues of support for those affected. 

Resettlement and Protection Visas

Australia offers 2 types of assistance to refugees:

  • Offshore – Resettlement; and 
  • Onshore – Protection.

Protection Visa processing changes

Since 2015:

  • The Australian Government has replaced the definition of “refugee” referring to the UN Refugee Convention with a statutory definition. 
  • The Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) and the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) have been amalgamated into the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). 
  • Asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat without authorisation after 13 August 2012 are subject to “fast track” processing. They are not eligible for a permanent protection visa, only a 3-year Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a 5-year Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), and have limited review rights. Please see our Refugees page for more information. 

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